Thermal Parks

For a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, for young, old and families, the island of Ischia offers multiple thermal parks, each with different characteristics, but all with a complete package that perfectly integrates spa and wellness treatments.

There are about 29 hot springs on Ischia and they are of saline-alkaline origin, among the most widely used for therapeutic purposes.

These thermal waters, which originate from mineral springs mixed with sea water, pass through the various underground geological layers and are enriched with other salts and chemicals and then meet with vapors to become true “miracle” waters for health and well-being. The various springs include the Pontano spring from which flow beneficial waters rich in sodium, potassium calcium and carbon dioxide, useful for healing visceral catarrh and diuresis, from the “internal” point of view and useful for accelerating the healing process, fighting chronic rheumatism, anemia and uterine catarrh.

The waters that flow from the Castiglione spring are useful in the treatment of constipation and various states of joint pain. The waters of the Citara springs have been famous since ancient times for their aid to fertility problems. The waters of the Gardens of Eden are used in a variety of ways, each with a different benefit, through the various light rain showers, circular, jet, simple and multiple, fixed or alternating temperature, those known as column showers, and alternating hot and cold showers.

In addition to the thermal waters, a major benefit to the body and mind comes from the use of volcanic mud cures. These smeared at a temperature of 40-45┬░produce extraordinary pressure on the skin, resulting in gas production and development of organic matter. On the island there are, the Rita muds those of Maronti or Cavascura, those of Montecito and others scattered on the slopes of Mount Epomeo.