Source of the Nitrodi Nymphs

salus per aquam

Located in the municipality of Barano d'Ischia is the Fonte dedicated to the Nitrodi Nymphs. This is one of the most picturesque and least contaminated places on the island and certainly still similar to that frequented by the Romans as many as two thousand years ago. This water has always been used for its healing qualities both internally and externally and for any skin problem. The park equipped with the utmost respect for nature, the continuous flow of the spring, the sunshine and medicinal plants, the thick Mediterranean scrub, with fig, olive, valerian, laurel sage, you will find yourself after a few minutes in full relaxation, surrounded by nature.

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Ischia and surroundings

Tour of Ischia by bus with Aperitif

Discovering Ischia Panoramic minibus tour to learn more about the island of Ischia by reaching its six municipalities: Barano, Serrara Fontana, Lacco Ameno, Ischia, Forio