The most beautiful beaches of Ischia

Discover with us the most beautiful beaches in Ischia and the most charming bays where you can spend a day at the beach

The first information travelers look for online for their summer vacation is the destination’s beaches and sea access points. So, for those unfamiliar with the island, here is our little guide to the most beautiful beaches on Ischia.

Being a volcanic island, each beach has its own characteristics, both in terms of sun exposure and sand and seabed. In some cases the island’s most beautiful bays are rocky, so they are less suitable, for example, for a day at the beach with children.

A few beaches can only be reached by sea or through a trekking route. There are those with more facilities, such as lidos and parking lots, and others that due to their location and conformation may be less convenient or too crowded!

But, at the end of the day, that’s the beauty of Ischia! You can find your favorite beach and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters that wash the island’s shores.

Citara Beach

Our guide to Ischia’s most beautiful beaches starts with Citara Beach. A beautiful bay in that of Forio, a municipality that stretches over the western part of the island.

Citara is a favorite beach for tourists as its exposure allows them to enjoy the sun until sunset. And here, in Ischia, sunsets give unique colors and emotions!

Access to the beach is very convenient. Can be reached by both public and private transportation, thanks in part to the presence of parking lots close to the lido. Presents some stretches of free beach and others with private lidos where sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented. Thus, the presence of bars and restaurants really makes it one of the beaches with more services at hand.

There are some stretches where the seabed slopes gently, which is why it is chosen by families.

Set in the lush greenery of the bay are the famous Poseidon Gardens: the largest thermal park on the island of Ischia. More than 20 swimming pools, 1 spa, 8,000sqm of beach, 500m of shoreline, 6 hectares of terraces. Admission, of course, is charged.

Maronti Beach

From the western slope to the eastern slope. We are located in the municipality of Barano and the beach is Maronti beach.

Maronti Bay encloses the largest beach on the island: a 3Km-long strip of sand that runs from Capo Grosso to the famous village of Sant’Angelo.

This beach is famous for the several quarries that creep behind it, which are rich in thermal waters. In fact, one of these quarries is home to one of the largest hot springs on the island: the Dark Quarry Spring

But not only that. Maronti’s is also famous for a stretch of beach called“Fumarole.” The name comes from the fumaroles that emerge beneath the sand. Tradition has it that locals use this stretch of beach not only for therapeutic properties but also to take advantage of techniques for cooking food in the sand.

The beach can be reached by public and proven means by following the road from the municipality of Barano, but it will also be possible to reach it thanks to the cab boat service from Borgo di St.Angelo.

Here, too, there are stretches of free beach and others with private lidos, with bar services and restaurants. Here the seabed slopes faster, but it still remains convenient for those who want to spend a day of relaxation and fun with children in tow.

San Montano Bay

If we have to talk about the most beautiful beaches…then San Montano Bay is the one that, most likely, comes closest in our imagination to the classic cove with the emerald sea, the majestic cliff embracing it, the lush nature and the exotic atmosphere.

Positioned between the towns of Forio and Lacco Ameno, the Bay features a crescent of fine sand that slopes gently for many meters. Ideal, therefore, to families and those who want to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Accessible by public and private transportation, there are parking lots, bars, and restaurants near the beach. But, an integral part of the bay is the Negombo Thermal Park. What is special about it is its geographic layout: the springs are located on a hillside, and at each terrace there is a pool of different temperatures, as well as plots for relaxation surrounded by dense vegetation.

St. Francis Beach

For our roundup of Ischia’s most beautiful bays and beaches, we return to Forio, on the western side of the island. St. Francis Beach is set in the bay that takes shape under the promontory of Punta Caruso.

Easily accessible by public and private transportation (there are paid parking lots close to the bay), it is not far from the center of Forio. The beach has fine sand and the seabed slopes not too quickly. The crystal clear water and reefs along the headland are ideal for snorkeling.

Just along the entire shoreline are bars and restaurants. In fact, the bay of San Francesco is also one of the most romantic places on the island: the lights come on in the evening and it will surely be pleasant for you to enjoy the delicacies of Ischia’s gastronomy by the sea and in the moonlight.

Sorgeto Bay

If not the most beautiful, we can consider Sorgeto Bay unique! A true natural spa park where beneficial water bubbles up from the depths of the earth just a stone’s throw from the shore.

A series of rocky hollows form a wellness oasis, with different water temperatures depending on how close they are to the spring or the sea.

Of course, you have to tackle about 250 steps to reach it, but it is definitely worth it because once you get there…paradise is at your fingertips! There is also a small bar-restaurant, which will definitely come in handy for those spending an entire day in the bay.

The Bay is ideal for relaxing bathing both day and night and can be reached by sea or from the hamlet of Panza, in the municipality of Forio. There is paid parking nearby. Otherwise, it can be reached by sea, with cab boats departing from the village of St.Angelo or privately with recreational boat and dinghy rentals.

Please note that Sorgeto is not to be considered a real beach: there is no sand, but pebbles and rocks. The Bay to follow, Pelara Bay, is another fascinating rocky cove that can be reached by sea or on foot via a (quite challenging) path. This bay is also a favorite among tourists, as it is set in a “wild” environment with no lidos, buildings or boat moorings. Only sea and unspoiled nature.

Sant'Angelo Beach

An ancient fishing village, Sant’Angelo is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Ischia. Its beach is not very large, but it throws you into a setting that is truly of the most picturesque. Colorful houses cling defensively to the famous “Tower,” or an islet connected by a sandy isthmus to the beating heart of the village.

There are small private lidos, and you will find yourself just steps away from the small square where there are bars and restaurants. In fact, after a day of sun and sea, tourists at sunset flock to the piazzetta for an aperitif, and then continue the evening and dine by the sea!

From Sant’Angelo, we remind you, you can reach Maronti Beach on foot or by cab boat. Also by cab boat you can reach Sorgeto Bay.

The Borgo di Sant’Angelo can be reached by public and private transportation. There are private parking lots and bus station at the entrance to the hamlet.

Ischia Ponte and the island's other beaches

Of course, there are many other beaches in Ischia that deserve to be included in our list of the most beautiful beaches. One of the most fascinating spots to take a dip in the sea is Ischia Ponte. In fact, along the bridge connecting the village of Celsa to the Aragonese Castle, it will be possible to dive into the waters of Cartaromana Bay. There is no sandy beach, but rocks. Not super comfortable to spend an entire day, but it is a really fascinating area to swim.

Not far away, there is Sgarrupata Bay, also characterized by pebbles and rocks. You will find it easier to reach it by sea, as the route to reach it on foot can be considered a real hike to be done with nature guides.

Staying on the eastern side of the island, in the municipality of Ischia, we also find the other handkerchiefs of sand, such as the Spiaggia dei Pescatori. They are located not far from the center and village of Ischia Ponte. There are lidos, and there are bars, restaurants, and parking lots in the area.

In the municipality of Lacco Ameno, on the other hand, we find the little beach of Monache, also known as Varulo beach. Reachable only by sea, it is a sandy “bite” set in the San Montano promontory.

The Most Beautiful Beaches