The Aragonese Castle

The symbolic castle of Ischia

Wonderful 1400s manor house built on a small island overlooking the sea. The view is breathtaking; on one side you can see the entire Bay of Naples. On the other the magnificent village of Ischia Ponte and all the little beaches in the distance. The terrace of striking olive trees all beautiful simply fantastic one of the most visited places in Campania. The castle is justifiably the island's top attraction and is actually a fortified citadel and in past centuries saved the island's inhabitants from many misfortunes (sieges, epidemics...) the visit from the castle is unparalleled as is the variety of plants and flowers present. Depart from the hotel with destination Ischia Ponte, upon arrival, accompanied by a guide, you will make the visit.

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Ischia and surroundings

Trekking under the stars

Have you ever been trekking at night? Come with us as we explain the stars to you. Hike of about 4 hours, with medium level of difficulty

Scooter Tour Ischia

On board a Scooter, accompanied by a local guide, you will take a panoramic tour of the island in search of Ischitan sights, panoramas, neighborhoods