Trekking Ischia: Cretaio-Buonopane

Excursion Trekking Ischia

The trek begins at Cretaio, Barano municipality, in front of the riding school. We climb to Mt. Toppo, a green-covered volcano with a wide variety of vegetation. We find mostly Mediterranean scrub with scents of myrtle, mint and thyme.

We continue through a chestnut forest on the slopes of Mount Trippodi (502 m) until we reach Piano San Paolo, a high plateau where fossils of small crustaceans show the island's eventful geological transition.

We leave the forest and begin the descent with a full view of the Gulf of Naples, the Phlegrean fields, Vesuvius, the Lattari mountains and the Sorrento peninsula. This trail is called Buttavento, where we pass by a 100-year-old oak tree. Various cellars in the tuff show us the connection between man and nature. The hike ends in Buonopane.

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