Feast of St. Michael in St. Angelo

One of the most atmospheric festivals of the year!

We are located in the municipality of Serrara Fontana where in this small seaside village thehe patron saint St. Michael is celebrated on September 29 and 30.
 The village is decked out to the sounds of the local band and the litanies of the faithful. However, the highlight of the festival occurs when, a row of festively decorated boats join together in a single procession that is greatly felt by the locals who experience this festival with such intensity.

The Saint, by tradition, is placed on a fishing boat and at dusk is followed by many other small boats from Punta Chiarito, the hill overlooking Sorgeto Bay, to Maronti Bay. Suggestive is the salute to the saint by hotels, restaurants and homes located along the coast that pay homage to him with the colorful explosion of a thousand fireworks. 

The festival is scheduled for Sept. 27-30. In addition to the celebrations, in the evening, it is most pleasant to stay in the village for the scheduled musical events that will continue until October 2. 

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